Lykeios - Praktijk voor Hondengedrag

Veterinarian Practice De Pijp Amsterdam

Kyra de Keyzer is a veterinarian and owns the Veterinarian Practice de Pijp in Amsterdam, which is a green practice.

Green to the animals: the practice is consciously handling medicine (in particular antibiotic use) and the veterinarian food used is based on natural ingredients.

Green to the neighbourhood: the practice is using local partners as much as possible and is making house visits by bicycle or by electric car.

Green to the environment: the practice is using exclusively green electricity from Dutch origin and leaves its business operations with as little ecological footprint as possible. It is using materials sparingly and where possible it is choosing sustainably manufactured materials, everything is being processed digitally and it is recycling as much waste as possible.

At this veterinarian practice I am working as a dog behavioral therapist. I support owners at educating their pups and at handling the problematic behavior of their dogs in their own environment at home.

Pup owners can turn to me for an intake interview which may lead to a number of sessions at their home in which I support them in educating their pup.

Owners of adult dogs with problem behavior are getting support and advise in handling this problem behavior during an intake interview. A behavioral test on the dog is taken and the owner's needs are being identified. In conclusion a report will be written in which I recommend the approach to be followed, which takes place during one or more treatment sessions at home with the owner.

The vision of Veterinarian Practice Dierenkliniek de Pijp I support completely and that is why I have associated myself with this practice in order to share this vision in my work.

Who am I

Joep de Keyzer
  • Joep de Keyzer

  • Licensed dog behavioral therapist
  • Experienced teacher and coach
  • Expert in the field of behavioral science and the dog’s natural behavior


Having become curious? Having any questions? Or like to make an appointment? Please contact me!

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  • Vetenerian Clinic de Pijp

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