Tackling problem behavior

I render assistance to owners with dogs showing problem behavior, in analyzing, tackling and solving this problem behavior. The first meeting consists of an intake-interview and a behavioral test to define the problem as accurately as possible and to determine the dog's type of character. The outcome will form the basis for a treatment plan. During the intake-interview I present the owner an introduction to the dog’s natural and learned behavior related to its problem behavior.

To adress the problem behaviour, an average of four tot five sessions are sufficient. Both the required theoretical background and a number of targeted practical exercises are covered in each session.

After each session I will make a follow-up appointment with sufficient time in between, allowing for practice with the dog. The starting point of the treatment plan is a pragmatic approach in order to reach a workable solution for the owner.

When handling the problematic behavior I connect as much as possible with the dog's natural behavior, but also apply the insights and principles derived from the learnin g theory.

I am capable of deploying a wide range of techniques varying from a tough correcting and reprimanding approach to a soft approach in which reward plays the central role, food and conditioned positive reinforcements being a part of this.

The owner receives thorough theoretical background information on the dog's natural and learned behaviour and is trained in a number of practical skills. After each session the owner receives a report including the approach discussed en practised and recommendations for the follow-up.

When the treatment is complete, it will be possible to follow a weekly training program with the dog in a group together with other dogs. The theory and the trained skills can thus be practised further. This training takes place in the open air in the Beatrix Park in Amsterdam



Individual treatment session: € 150,00
Complete supportpackage: € 500,00


Who am I

Joep de Keyzer
  • Joep de Keyzer

  • Licensed dog behavioral therapist
  • Experienced teacher and coach
  • Expert in the field of behavioral science and the dog’s natural behavior


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