Tackling problem behavior

I render assistance to owners with dogs showing problem behavior, in analyzing, tackling and solving this problem behavior. The first meeting will cover an intake-interview and a behavioral test to define the problem as accurately as possible and to determine the dog's type of character. The outcome will form the basis for a treatment plan. During the intake-interview I present the owner an introduction to the dog’s natural and learned behavior related to its problem behavior.

With the owner I will make the first appointment for a home visit to tackle the problem behavior. After each visit we decide if another appointment is necessary. The starting point of the treatment plan is a pragmatic approach in order to reach a workable solution for the owner.

When handling the problematic behavior I connect as much as possible with the dog's natural behavior, but also apply the insights and principles derived from the learning theory.

I am capable of deploying a wide range of techniques varying from a tough correcting and reprimanding approach to a soft approach in which reward plays the central role, food and conditioned positive reinforcements being a part of this.

The owner gets a reference book containing a theoretical review of the dog’s natural and learned behavior and a number of practical exercises. At the conclusion of each treatment session, the owner receives a report detailing the approach discussed and practiced, and recommendations for follow-up.

When the treatment is complete it will be possible to follow a training program of ten lessons with the dog in a group together with other dogs. The theory and the trained skills can thus be practised further. This training takes place in the open air.

Treatment session: € 100,-

Who am I

Joep de Keyzer
  • Joep de Keyzer

  • Licensed dog behavioral therapist
  • Experienced teacher and coach
  • Expert in the field of behavioral science and the dog’s natural behavior


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