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Pup education

From week 8 to 16 you follow an education program at the comforts of your puppy’s and your own home environment.

During the training sessions the focus will be on a keen understanding of your puppy’s natural behavior, as well as on the application of learning theories in order to teach your dog new behaviour.

Besides basic commands like sit, down, stay and come, you will teach your puppy to properly walk on a leash.

The main premise of the education program is to raise a well-mannered dog both indoors and outdoors and to ensure harmonious cohabitation for years to come, which will benefit both your own and the puppy's well being and make society enjoy your dog as well.


Problem behaviour

Does your dog pull on the leash? Does it lunge and snap at other dogs? Does it grow anxious when left alone?

To help you solve these and various other problems I offer you a training program at your home and in the dog’s own environment.

With the help of theoretical knowledge and hands-on exercises you will learn how to tackle the behavioral problem and how to solve it.

Your needs and possibilities will be met as much as possible in order to provide a workable solution.



Groepstraining Beatrixpark Amsterdam

Group training

In this training owners learn to establish a stable relationship with their dog, to strengthen it and to maintain it through a number of practical exercises.
The basis of this training is the paying attention exercise. Actually this is much more than just an exercise, it is the only way we ought to walk with our dog at the leash.

In addition, the owners learn the most important obedience exercises: to follow, to sit and wait, to lie down and stay and finally to come here. Also, sending from a distance to a place and fetching/retrieving an object are being trained. Finally, we pay attention to jogging and cycling with your dog.

On average eight to ten dogs participate in the training. The main objective, however, is always to ensure that each individual dog keeps its attention fully focused on its owner and that the latter knows how to claim his dog's attention in all kinds of situations.

By attending this group training we can truly achieve that our dogs are full of attention to their owners and can perfectly perform all kinds of exercises with pleasure.






Handling your dog

Theoretical background

When handling your dog a twofold path will be followed: focusing on its natural behavior and providing tools and techniques to teach your dog new behavior which it does not display by nature.

In this process knowledge and insights from the behavioral theory are used.

Each dog....

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Veterinary Clinic De Pijp Amsterdam

I am connected as a dog behavioral therapist to the Veterinary Clinic de Pijp in Amsterdam at veterinarian Kyra de Keyzer.



Who am I

Joep de Keyzer
  • Joep de Keyzer

  • Licensed dog behavioral therapist
  • Experienced teacher and coach
  • Expert in the field of behavioral science and the dog’s natural behavior


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