Supporting the pup's education

I render assistance to owners in educating their puppies. The first meeting consists of an intake-interview and a puppy behavioral test in order to determine its type of character.  The outcome will form the basis of the method of education.  Subsequently a number of sessions will follow, preferably taken place within the eighth and sixteenth week in the puppy’s life, as in this specific period its learning capacity is optimal.

Afterwards the owner not only will have achieved  a basic knowledge of the pup’s natural behavior, but has also been informed about the diverse methods in teaching behavior. The objectives are to establish a good relationship with the dog connected with its natural behavior by learning a correct type of ‘dog’ communication and to raise awareness that teaching good habits and preventing unwanted behavior has top priority.

The education programme also offers practical pup training techniques and tools which can be put into practice on a daily basis both inside the house and outdoors. These include walking techniques, crate training techniques and basic command techniques.  As the owner and the holder of the leash you will learn how to have absolute control over the walking experience and how to teach your dog to walk right beside you without lagging or pulling. Crate training involves giving your dog its own safe place in a crate and teaching it not to walk around the house randomly. Finally, you will learn how to grasp your dog’s full attention and teaching it the basic commands such as come, sit, down and stay.

This puppy package includes a reference book containing a theoretical review of the dog’s different phases in life, its natural and learned behavior and a number of practical exercises.  After each sessions the owners receive a report containing what has been discussed with recommendations and directions for practical exercises.

When the dog is 1½ years old, at that time it is an adolescent, there is the possibility of following a group training program with other dogs. In this training program all the educational matters which have been discussed before will be treated and practiced again. This training consists of ten sessions and takes place in the open air.

When the dog is an adult, it is now three years old, again a group training program can be followed with other dogs.

Separate session: € 100,00
Entire educating program: € 350,-


Who am I

Joep de Keyzer
  • Joep de Keyzer

  • Licensed dog behavioral therapist
  • Experienced teacher and coach
  • Expert in the field of behavioral science and the dog’s natural behavior


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