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About me

Joep de Keyzer

My background, education and training and working experience (curriculum vitae) have brought about an ideal combination of educational qualities, coaching skills, expertise in the field of the dogs’ natural behavior, behavioral science and theories of learning, and they also have led to experience in working with dog owners and their dogs. You don’t often come across this combination at the existing dog training centers. I am able to substantiate theoretically the approach I use and the solutions I suggest, as a result of which owners understand the reason why a certain approach or solution is working. Therefore, they will be better able to perform this independently and this will automatically lead to better results. This gives me a head start over the competition.

Subsequently the approach I use for supporting dog owners is starting from their personal situation. I fully connect with the problems experienced by the owner at his home. The offered solutions are pragmatic in nature, they must be directly applicable to the owner and must lead to results. At dog training centers owners are usually trained in groups on training fields, and the situation at home is often neglected. On the other hand, dog behavioral therapists working at the owners’ homes often don’t succeed in achieving a permanent solution and it remains a problem for their approach and solution methods to sink in. This is precisely what I focus on, making it an important point for attention when supporting the owners.

A third point in which I distinguish myself is my vision. It is a combination of connecting with the dog’s natural behavior and teaching behavior that is not natural, but necessary, because the dog has to operate in an environment that is usually unnatural for him. Because of this the owner can meet his dog’s natural desires. This is what owners want, because after all they want the very best for their pet. However, the dog must behave and operate well in the owner’s living environment as well as in society itself. It isn’t allowed to cause trouble or display problematic behavior. I also respond to this through my vision in paying a lot of attention to influencing behavior.

Finally, an important critical factor of success is my personal strength: to inspire and motivate people, my persuasiveness and my communication skills.

In short, my curriculum vitae, approach, vision and personal strength, ensure that my enterprise takes a unique place in the midst of competition. I therefore am very confident in making my enterprise a success, which will lead to satisfied dog owners with happy dogs and also to a happy and satisfied society, consisting after all of many non-dog owners.


Who am I

Joep de Keyzer
  • Joep de Keyzer

  • Licensed dog behavioral therapist
  • Experienced teacher and coach
  • Expert in the field of behavioral science and the dog’s natural behavior


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